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While fixing it yourself might seem easy enough. You could make the problem worse, costing you more money in the long run.

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Facing a persistent dripping tap in your residence? It could be a bigger problem than just the constant drip. A leaky tap left unchecked can cause significant damage and expense. An average slow leaking tap can waste up to 9,000 litres annually.

Activ Plumbing Solutions have a solution for just about every tap problem. Whether you simply need new washers or a tap replacement, we provide professional and friendly plumbing advice to ensure your fixtures are in top condition.

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For repairing your leaking taps in Jervis Bay, our team is available at all hours. Book online or give us a call.

What causes leaking taps?

Taps might seem like basic plumbing fixtures, but various factors can lead to leaks. Some reasons include:

  • Degraded or misplaced washers and O-rings
  • Improperly sized taps
  • Worn-out jumper valve
  • Incorrect tap installation

For instance, an issue with the O-ring may result in water seeping from the tap body or spindle. On the other hand, washer problems might cause the tap to leak even when it’s off.

Expert Tap Repairs in Jervis Bay

While fixing it yourself might seem easy enough, fixing taps can be intricate. An error might make the problem worse and cause you more money in the long run.

We will disconnect and dismantle your taps before completing a comprehensive service including washer recutting, O-ring replacements, tap sealing, and thorough leak tests.

Moreover, if the tap isn’t the cause of your leak, we’re experts in pinpointing hidden leaks.

Your Trusted Leaking Tap Specialists

Don’t let that tap drain your peace and pocket. Our local plumbers near you will offer quality solutions to preserve water and spare you expense. Every task, regardless of size, is important to us. We serve homes and businesses from Kiama to Ullaulla and everywhere in between with genuine advice and expert solutions.

Frequently Asked Queries

How much water does a leaking tap waste?

A single tap dripping every minute can squander over 9,000 litres in a year.

Is a dripping tap critical?

Though it may not seem like an emergency, it’s wise to address it promptly. Leaks can instigate mould growth, damage fittings, and foundations, and rack up hefty water bills.

Why is my tap dripping?

A tap dripping post-shut-off usually indicates a worn washer. However, if it drips underneath when on, it’s likely the O-ring is at fault.

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Jacqueline Cooke

Olly and his team were fantastic. They were lovely to deal with, professional, and went above and beyond. Their commitment to excellence was really comforting! And all for a very reasonable price. Would definitely recommend them for any plumbing work!

Deanne Duncan

OLLY OLLY OLLY Oi! Oi! Oi! What more can I say?? I had a full ensuite renovation done by Olly and his team last month. An absolutely fantastic person and team to deal with. Great communication, great ideas, great attention to detail, great team of guys who were courteous, friendly, respectful and tidy! I am overjoyed with the outcome of my new ensuite – it’s beautiful and so functional. Love it!! Would definitely highly recommend Olly and his team for your bathroom renovation…

Enzo Mazzolo

Ours was a bathroom and laundry renovation. Olly and his team at Activ Plumbing was recommended to us after our first contractor had to pull out due to illness. Olly has been fantastic! Enthusiastic, professional, they have outstanding attention to detail and quality. He and the team have a real “can do” attitude; we had some hiccups with suppliers which he took in his stride and was able to work around. Recommend Activ Plumbing to anyone who wants their work done right – outstanding!!!

Latitude South Coast

Olly and his team are extremely reliable and professional. We have been using Activ Plumbing for several years to sort out plumbing issues at houses we manage and there hasn’t been a time when Olly hasn’t been able to sort a job out. If a plumbing job is more complex he will always call to explain what is going on and what is needed to fix it. His whole team are a pleasure to deal with and we would highly recommend Activ Plumbing to anyone searching for a reliable plumbing company. Caroline R Latitude South Coast

Brad Cunningham

Olly and the team have been fantastic! We have been using Activ Plumbing Solutions for around 2 years now. We have and will continue to use them for our renovations and general plumbing needs. Great, friendly, responsive team who are a pleasure to deal with.

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