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Activ Plumbing Solutions Can Unblock Your Drains Fast Using The Latest Technology.


Why use Activ Plumbing Solutions for your blocked drains?

We have the latest in CCTV Drain Technology, Service Locating and High Pressure Water Jetting. This allows us to pinpoint and identify any problems as quickly as possible and provide you with the options available to rectify these in the shortest possible time.

Whether it’s a long term fix or short term fix we can provide all these options for all kind of budgets.

How Do You Locate The problem?

We use a CCTV Drain camera to provide our clients with “evidence” via photos and recordings of blocked drains, broken drains, non-compliant drains.

  • Pipes from (40 to 200 mm) Lines up to 200′ (61 m) long.
  • Ideal for where portability and maneuverability are crucial including tight access areas, multi-story buildings, rooftops, confined areas, etc.
  • Self-Leveling Camera Head – delivers crisp, clear, always upright in-pipe images.
  • Built-In 512 Hz Sonde – locate a point of interest during a pipe inspection with our service locator.
  • Push Cable – pushes up pipes and tackles a wide range of lateral and mainline applications

What Are The Advantages Of Using CCTV Drain Cameras?

The reason why you should use a CCTV camera is so you can pin point the exact problem. Once you have determined where the problem is you can then fix it and locate it to potentially dig it up or use our high pressure water jetter to remove the problem.

Once the problem has been solved its always good for a peace of mind to film the drain again to assure the client the job was completed and the problem was removed / fixed.

The best way to explain CCTV camera is its giving our clients “Visual evidence” they can keep the recordings & photos for history of their biggest asset – their home.

It allows us to locate blockages and problems in the quickest possible time saving you money. CCTV camera provides our clients with visual evidence of the problem. With this video and photo evidence we can directly send it to your email at the time of call out

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What Is A High Pressure Water Jetter?

blocked drain camera
blocked drains

Drain Jetting is a high pressure cleaning method for blocked drains and sewer pipes. It works by pumping water – which is stored in tanks – through a high pressure hose fitted with a jetting nozzle

The ACTIV team are experts in high pressure drain jettimng and combined with CCTV drain camera inspection will not only look at sewer cleaning for a temporary fix but assess and provide you with solutions for the future.

Here’s how we work:

Step 1: Drain camera inspection –
We inspect and identify the blockage using a sewer drain camera. We assess why the blockage has occurred.

Step 2: High pressure jetting –
In the case of foreign matter blocking the pipe (e.g. tree roots and grease), water jetting using specialised equipment is the best method for unblocking old sewage pipes.

Step 3: Robotic cutting –
If the blockage proves too solid for the water jetting to break up, a robotic cutting head is sent down to cut through the foreign matter.

Step 4: Future action –
Once the blockage is cleared, we will then look at providing solutions for preventing further blockage issues if they seem likely to occur.

We also ascertain whether the blockage has caused damage to the pipe or any sewer leaks and provide solutions with a detailed report on request.

Whatever your emergency blocked drain requirements are, Activ Plumbing has a solution for you throughout the Shoalhaven and Illawarra.

Some Kind Words
We’ve recently used Activ Plumbing Solutions to update several fixtures in our bathroom, and to replace a vanity. Oliver was extremely helpful in suggesting ideas, as well as giving us a choice of options in how to tackle the minor renovation. He was easy to contact and communicate with, and did a great job with our project. Would recommend. Thanks again.
Will Henry

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Active Plumbing… a thoroughly professional, caring outfit that will go to all ends to achieve the best outcome for their customers.Olly and his team take the utmost care with their work and are quite happy to advise along the way to achieve the best result. Along with their expert service,quality of work, their prices are extremely satisfying.It was a pleasure to do business with Active Plumbing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Joanne Sullivan

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Prompt, professional and didn’t mansplain. I concur with the other reviews and would recommend Activ Plumbing Solutions.
Tina Barnes

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